Orange County Convention Center

Orlando Fl, May 11 & 12, 2023, GRE 3.0

9800 International Blvd. West Concourse Hall WD1
Orlando, FL 32819

Directions to park at the OCCC.
Maps search: Orange County Convention Center West Concourse Parking Lot (if you don’t look for the parking lot it will take you to the front of the building which is only drop off)
1. $25 a day parking, you’ll see light blue signage that says West
2. Enter the double doors in the large whiteish building and go up the left escalator. (There is 1 on the and 1 on the right)
3. Follow straight down to the hall (you’ll see Sea World images on the wall) head down to the double doors at the end of the hall on the right
4. Once you go through the double doors it opens to a food court looking area.
5. Head down the immediate escalator in front of you to floor 1
6. Go straight and turn to the left on floor 1 
7. You will see overhead signs (West Hall D1)
8. Turn to the left down that hall and you will see our ticket booth or a sign
Paste this into your maps app for the West Concourse Parking Lot 🅿️
GPS location 28°25’23.39″N 81°28’15.95″W