FASTEST GUN IN THE WEST Competition 2024

About the Championship

Every industry has it’s experts… why not show everyone you are the best screen replacement technician in the country!

The Microsoldering Champion competition will be held in an actual BOXING RING and judged by leaders in the repair space. The Grand Champion will have a special press release, a blog on our website and be awarded $500 cash prize PLUS the Entry Fee Jackpot! Additionally, the Champion will receive a Title Belt (Just like boxing & MMA)! The Micro Soldering Champion will receive their title and should be prepared to defend it at each Gadget Repair Expo!  Apply at the bottom of this page.

Judging Panel


Application process​

$5 on-site at the booth



Steps to compete

Buy a GRE Ticket

Show up and head to the iFixit booth

Register to compete by paying $5 


  1. Buy a ticket to the GRE
  2. When you arrive make your way to the challenge booth
  3. Pay the $5 fee (CASH ONLY)
  4. Compete, you will be timed and checked for quality.
  5. At the end of the day, a repair off will occur on the main floor. If you are late or no show you forfeit your space to final compete and the runner up to you will go head to head.
  6. The main winner between the 2, gets the winnings! 

Must know how to replace iPhone screens

If you would like to, but iFixit will provide tools

Submit questions to [email protected] and we will answer you back and also update this FAQ.