Known as an R2V3 expert, Michael leads the Glacier Team in serving our clients with all their certification needs.  Michael routinely collaborates with SERI on technical issues that have proved to push Glacier Consulting to the top level in the R2V3 EHS Consulting.
Prior to coming to Glacier, Michael spent 7 years at Clover Technologies Group as their corporate EHS Director leading the company in R2 compliance throughout North America.

Michael Hutchcraft

President, Glacier Consulting

An iOS software engineer known to many, has a profound love for technology and expertise in electronic repair. His journey began with a successful electronics repair business, where he honed his hardware skills and later transitioned to software development, self-learning iOS app development in 2016.

After diligent preparation, he secured his first iOS role in 2017 at The Estimating Edge, marking the start of a fulfilling career. Ray’s commitment to growth led him to create Repair Spots during his free time, enhancing his engineering capabilities. Throughout his career, he has played pivotal roles in various companies, leaving an enduring mark on the tech industry.

Raymond Cordero

President | Sr. iOS Engineer – Repair Spots

Business development, multichannel retail, recommerce and reverse logistics expert with demonstrated success generating millions of profitable top-line sales dollars. Industry leader and energetic subject matter authority in every aspect of pre-owned and refurbished consumer electronics.

Detail-oriented and organized decision maker with a strong statistical background . Enthusiastic team leader and people developer.

Sean Cleland

Vice President – Mobility, B-Stock

Adrian Amrel is a visionary entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the world of technology. Through his YouTube channel, he has been able to teach thousands of people the intricacies of cell phone repair and has helped them start their own businesses.

Adrian Amrel

Owner and YouTuber, 911 Gadgets

Tony is an Industry veteran with 11 of his own Cell Phone Repair store locations under the CellFix Franchise Brand. 

 In 2013 Tony founded GSM Warehouse to meet the device needs of thousands of wireless locations & repair shops worldwide.  

Tony has had his finger on the pulse of the Cell Phone Repair industry for more than 15 years.  He has a passion for the wholesale industry because he knows that having Devices for Resale is a much needed service to the repair industry that is not being met.

When Tony is on a break from growing his multiple companies he loves to spend time with his family and is an avid sports car enthusiast.

Tony Baker

Co-owner of CellFix Inc and CEO and Founder of GSM Warehouse

Ahmed is a professional Motivational Speaker who speaks on a variety of topics for audiences. It is his lifelong passion to make a positive impact in the lives of others, by sharing his experiences and expertise.

His strategic approach combined with an unorthodox perspective, Ahmed helps people break through barriers and challenges, overcome doubts and take large strides towards achieving their goals.

Ahmed Abusharbain

CEO at Unlimited Prepay Distribution/ CEO at UPPLUCK

Sofia is a working mom with 3 kids, currently residing in Houston Texas with hands-down experience in Management and Marketing. In 2013, Sofia joined CellSmart POS as a Tech support but owned the company likes her own and after all the constant hard work of 10 years, she is the COO of the company now.

Before joining CellSmart POS, she was a lecturer with ten years of experience teaching business studies to undergraduate and graduate students. Besides being a fantastic COO of the company, she is an amazing cook who loves to make Desi wholesome food for her family and spend time with them in her free time.

Sofia Waleed

COO of CellSmart

Jeremy Kwaterski is undeniably one of the “Cell Phone Repair Industries” founding fathers.  With over 25 years of experience in the Cell Phone Repair industry, Jeremy founded CPR Cell Phone Repair in 2004 and was the CEO until he sold the company in 2013.   

Jeremy is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Repair Industry. Jeremy is a visionary with a keen eye for emerging trends and technologies. 

In 2019 Jeremy founded  the first Association/Buying Group for Repair Shops called Repairs First Association.  With over 600 locations Repairs First Association is slated to become the biggest consortium of repair shops in the world.

Jeremy Kwaterski  is the founder & Executive Director  of The Gadget Repair Expo.  

Jeremy is an avid car enthusiast and event promoter who owns a Hot Air Balloon company that manages Balloon Festivals across the USA.

Jeremy Kwaterski

Founder of CPR Cell Phone Repair

Nicole Russell is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for breathing life into big ideas and training the next generation of self-starters. As the founder of CellBotics, a leading educating center dedicated to training students in IT and STEM-related topics such as; cell phone repair and Entrepreneurship. She is also CTO of Repairs First Association. Nicole has helped thousands gain critical skills in forging their own paths to financial independence. 

Few things bring her more satisfaction than working with students in person or over the phone and mentoring them on how to become successful technicians and professionals.

Nicole Russell

Founder & CEO of CellBotics, CTO of Repairs First

Aakshay Kripalani currently resides in Norcross, Ga., with his amazing wife Lavi, two beautiful daughters, and canine kid.
He has served as CEO of Injured Gadgets since 2008. Prior to his involvement with the company, he also owned an online marketing firm as well as numerous social media outlets. In addition, he has extensive experience in web development, advertising, logistics management and finance.
Shay entered the wireless repair industry by selling parts online from his garage through eBay and craigslist. With almost a decade in the repair industry, he has real-life business experience and knowledge of the repair world and is always an open book when it comes to sharing ideas and his expertise. 
As a team, Injured Gadgets consistently strives to be the most credible and constant source of knowledge and parts for the mobile repair world. For fun he enjoys flipping real estate, reading wikipedia articles, and playing with his little girls.

Aakshay Kripalani

CEO of Injured Gadgets

Known as the ‘Million Dollar Shop Owner’, Jeff owns The SmartPhone Medics which grosses well over 1 million annually. He shares his screts to success at the Gadget Repair Expo as a speaker. 

Jeff Sandridge

Owner, The SmartPhone Medics

I craft amazing experiences for clients and customers.

My current endeavor is AKKO, a property protection startup. After registering for an AKKO Plan, you’ll never need to buy another protection plan again.

Enjoy same-day repairs, easy and fast claims, and have peace-of-mind while saving money since we use our technology to pass along savings.

Jared Brier

Founder & Co-CEO @ AKKO

Joshua is a strategic thinker who excels at bridging the gap between new concepts and the operational systems required to execute them successfully. He spends his days at Certified Cell helping re-define how the wireless industry interacts cohesively between sales, repair, maintenance, and resale of devices. Joshua enjoys creating systems, applying structure to chaos, and taking calculated risks to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Will Smith said it best: “The best things in life are on the other side of terror, on the other side of your maximum fear”

Joshua Hample

Chief Executive Officer at CertifiedCell

Jonathan Angarita CEO at Super Phones/ CEO at EZ Learning Young and motivated entrepreneur owner of 4 Repair shops in Jacksonville, FL. Recently launched a new project for bilingual Micro Soldering Trainings with the objective of expanding the development of technicians helping them improve their knowledge and businesses offering more services. Starting at an early age has motivated Jonathan to aim for more young people to enter this industry and share his experience to help them achieve their goals

Jonathan Angarita Rincon

EZ learning

A dynamic & inspirational leader who lives by the credo of “take the hill or die trying, failure is not an option!” Diversity of experience defines my career. Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to oversee the sales, marketing, operations, distribution, collections, and accounting functions of companies; both public and private, and have successfully put that knowledge to use in my own companies, for employers, and clients.

Bob Lafon

President, Capital Growth Partners

Chris Schroeder is a local buyback expert who buys used and damaged phones, MacBooks, cameras, game consoles, and other electronics. He is based out of League City Texas. He has taught over 300 people how to start their own local buyback business with his Resellerator Method.

Christopher Alan Schroeder

Electronics Reselling Accelerator & ReScale