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Panels are included FREE with the registration/ticket, no extra due to attend!

Sales Panel 10/14, 2:00PM

The Gadget Repair Expo will feature a full panel of experts in the industry. This panel will give pointers and information on how to properly increase sales. Additionally, Ahmed with UPPLUCK will be giving a FULL sales training after!


Ahmed M Abusharbain (UPPLUCK)

Brad Broome (RepairsFirst)

Brian Ahern (RepairsFirst)

Josh Hample (Certified Cell)

Josh Holliday (CellBotics)

Eden Morrison (CPR store Owner)

Training Panel 10/14, 2:30PM

The Gadget Repair Expo will feature a full panel of Training experts in the industry. Learn all about training teams, new hires and more!


Nicole Russell (CellBotics)

Michelle Cox (CellBotics)

Bobby (ETech)

Chris (SkillSchool)

Josh Holliday (CellBotics)

Tabitha Wanser (CellBotics)

Jonathan Rincon (EZ Learning)

Mindset Panel, 10/14 3:30PM

Nothing can affect a business owner more than mindset! This panel will feature some of the most successful shop owners who will be giving mindset tips.​


Tony Baker (GSM Warehouse)
Brian Ahern (RepairsFirst)
Michelle Cox (CellBotics)
Joe Matthews (iParis Cell Phone Repair)

Kyle Wainwright (RefreshedTech)

Mark Pauley (Axiom Armor)

RMA Panel, 10/14 1:30PM

This panel will feature the top parts vendors in the country. They will give you tips on how to lower RMA rates.