Dusten graduated iPad Rehab Microsoldering school in 2019 and he has been Microsoldering for the past 5 years. Dusten is well known for his expertise in Microsoldering and is the owner of GeekBoy Repairs that handles over 125 B2B repairs on an average month for many repair shops in the industry. Dusten is the reigning Microsoldering Champion from 2022 when he showed off his skills in San Antonio at the previous Gadget Repair Expo! Dusten is also known for his humor and loves to make people laugh. Additionally, the CPRST news would not what it is without his love for the industry. In his spare time, and when he isn’t wearing a wig, 😊 Dusten spends countless hours helping others learn the trade, and contributes a lot of his time to the growing repair community.